Take your business to the next level with our newest system


a plant-floor monitoring system - in real time.

Insight tracks the performance of production crews, maintenance, & supervisors, which you can view on display boards or remotely, via your computer or even your smart phone!

  • Tracks performance of production crews and support personnel (maintenance, supervisors and stock).
  • Monitors production speed, downtime, & setup times.
  • Finds root causes of downtime.
  • Enables operators to initiate support calls for maintenance, supervisors & stock, and then tracks the elapsed time before support calls are answered.
  • Encourages operators’ productivity with visual immediate reinforcements; digital display boards show current values and standards.
  • Displays system wide messages that are easily initiated from your desk or smart phone.
  • Comes equipped with several reports, such as data per shift & setup times.

Insight’s Components

  • Web based server
  • Machine Interface Unit (MIU)
    • Touch-screen operator interface to enter down time causes and call for support personnel
    • Photo eye input for counting products and detecting speed
    • Relay output to require entry of down time cause (optional)
  • Horizon interface
  • Machine, Management and Support digital displays – based on modern dual core technology and 1080p resolution.

Standard Machine Center Display

  • Standard machine center display boards are 55".
  • When values are green, they are within standards.
  • When values are red, they are outside standards.
  • We also offer management and support call displays.


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