We’re excited to announce the release of Horizon Version 6, the friendliest version yet!

With over 10 years in production, we’ve installed Horizon on most brands of flexos & rotary die cutters: S&S, Giant, Hycorr, Emba, McKinnley, Serenco, Ward, Martin, Langston, Curioni, Koppers, Giant, Hycorr, & more.

Horizon can automatically position up to 7 rotary axes and 47 linear/eccentric axes. Spec setup is quick, simple and accurate. Linear and rotary axes are typically setup in under 30 seconds. New specs can be created in under one minute, with no practical limit to the number of specs stored in the database.

Operator Friendly

  • Intuitive and simple design makes training very easy.
  • Designed to work on all flexo folder gluers, die cutters and folder gluers. Your operators can go from one machine to another with no additional training.
  • Fast and accurate spec data entry; the operator can enter decimal (12.1875) or inches and 16ths (12-3).
  • Very easy for operators to use and MAINTAIN ACCURACY! Calibration is performed by them; no need for expensive techs.

Horizon's Main Screen

Maintenance Friendly

Machine Friendly

Available Options

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