Our revolutionary AnvilPro system will increase the life of your anvil covers, saving you money in a way you’ve never seen before!

Relief Feature

The typical die-cutter has a surprising amount of no feed time while the machine is running. When the operators stop feeding sheets, AnvilPro automatically relieves the die-cut pressure, saving unnecessary wear on the anvil covers. When the operators start feeding sheets again, AnvilPro automatically sets the die-cut pressure to the cut position.

AnvilPro doesn't allow operators to make foolish setup mistakes...

Using a new & revolutionary technology, AnvilPro automatically positions the die-cut pressure, preventing the operators from making the mistake of using excessive die-cut pressure and ruining the anvil covers prematurely.

Operator-Friendly Touch Screen

Improving Setup Time

To setup an order, the operator simply presses a button and the die-cut pressure is automatically set to the cut position. Plus, when combined with Horizon, the offset for each spec is saved and displayed the next time that spec is run, reducing waste.


AnvilPro is easy to install and calibrate. We use a variety of motors, depending on your machine.

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